Why dry air makes static electricity more noticeable in winter …..!, and Tips to prevents Electrostatic hazards.

Almost all of us are familiar with static electricity because we can see and feel it in our personal and professional activities.
This problem is enhanced especially in the winter when the air is dry.
On dry winter days, static electricity can build up in our bodies and cause a spark to jump from our bodies to other people's bodies or any conductive objects.
In the winter, air is dry--there's very little water vapor in it. In the summer, air is more humid--it contains more water vapor.
Water is an "electrical conductor"--it makes it easier for electrons to move from one place to another.
Water in the air lets extra electrons on charged objects leak off into the air and find their way back to charged objects that have too few electrons. Humid air helps to "discharge" static electricity this way, so we don't notice it as much in the summer. In the winter, dry air makes it harder for electrons to leak off, so static electricity discharges by crackling sparks.
Indoors, central heating or air conditioning can give very dry conditions which promote static electricity. Heating warms the
air and reduces its humidity. Static shocks are often noticed in cold dry weather, especially when in a centrally heated
environment and may disappear when the weather gets more humid. Static shocks may also be encouraged under air
conditioning in hot weather.
Tips to prevents Electrostatic hazards:
· Ensure all equipment is properly double earthed and it is periodically testing.
· Use earthing and bonding equipments during chemical handling operations.
· Use metal containers, metal transfer pipes for chemicals collection and transfer activities.
· Avoid manual handling of chemicals with bare hands as much as possible.
· Ensure proper ventilation, it can avoid the accumulation of flammable vapors, gases etc… in the workplace.
· Touch the Static discharge pads or any grounded equipment intermittently.

· Wear Cotton clothing, Anti static shoes etc... Do not wear Sweaters, Jerkins, Mufflers and Caps etc…

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