What is noise?, Sound Level Comparison, Noise has lots of negative results on your hearing, Permissible Exposure Levels of Continuous Noise

What is noise?

Sound that is too loud, unwanted, disturbs sleep, interferes with conversation, or causes hearing loss is NOISE.

Hearing damages caused by noise are vicious. Because hearing loss caused by noise influence is only rarely perceived indirectly. Noise damages the hearing slowly and unrecognized but steady and most of all lasting and irrevocable. The sensitive hair sense cells in the human’s inner ear are pulled out due to constant noise influence.
A good example for when it is too loud for the human hearing is the working world – independent from subjective perception. From a middle constant level of 90 dB (e.g. Compressors,  Diesel Genators sets,  etc.) wearing a hearing protection is regulation.
Sound Level Comparison
·    20 dB ~ rustling leaves
·    40 dB ~ in the living room with windows shut
·    60 dB ~ conversation
·    70 dB ~ open offices
·    85 dB ~ medium traffic
·    95 dB ~ heavy traffic
·    100 dB ~ pneumatic hammer
·    110 dB ~ rock-/pop concert (with some distance to the stage)
·    125 dB ~ starting jet plane from a distance of 100m
·    130 dB ~ pain threshold
140 dB ~ jet engine from a distance of 25m
Noise has lots of negative results on your hearing:
*     High risk to suffer from Tinnitus (hearing sound)
*     Increased blood pressure
*     Increased energy consumption
*     Decrease of electric skin resistance
*     Decrease of peristaltic
*     Decrease of blood circulation
*     Decrease of working efficiency (mistakes, accidents and sickness)
*     Poor recovery in phases of relaxation
*     Influenced deep sleep phase

Permissible Exposure Levels of Continuous Noise 
Noise level
Allowable Time
90 dB
8 Hrs/day
95 dB
4 Hrs/day
100 dB
2 Hrs/day
105 dB
1 Hr/day
110 dB
30 mnts/day
115 dB
15 mnts/day

Note: 115 dB is STEL (Short term exposure Limit), We can’t expose to more than 115 dB.

Ear Plugs are 15-20 dB noise will Reduce, Ear muffs 20 to 30 dB noise will Reduce

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