INJURY PREVENTION: You take hundreds of steps every day, but how many of those steps do you take seriously?  By taking a few minutes to understand how slips, trips, and falls happen, you can prevent needless and painful injuries.
SLIPS!! : To slide along smoothly resulting in a sudden mishap.
·   Weather conditions may cause the floors to be wet or the ground to be oily.
Watch were you are stepping and use caution on wet floors and ice to avoid slipping.
TRIPS!! : To catch the foot on something so as to stumble.
·   Damaged steps or misplaced items are major factors in trips. 
·   Make sure that steps you use often are in good shape and that items (that do not belong on the steps) are out of the way.
Use handrails when ascending or descending stairs.
FALLS!! : To descend freely by the force of gravity.
·   Eliminate the hazard when possible (i.e. broken chair, unstable ladder, etc...)
·   Practice good judgment - Don’t lean back in chairs, don’t climb on unstable shelving or tables.
·   Prevent a potential injury by cleaning up spills and wet floors.
·   Keep aisles and walkways clear of clutter or obstructions.
Pick up objects and move extension cords to eliminate the potential for injury.

Use good judgment with regard to footwear while on duty.  Be certain footwear is in good condition and appropriate to your job function and outside weather condition.
·   If something is creating a potential slip, trip, or fall hazard fix it (clean it up - move it).
·   Place signs to warn others of the potential hazard.

If you cannot fix it – Write a mail to the concern / Safety so that the respective dept. head is aware of the problem.

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