Safety Culture

What is the attitude towards safety? Judge what is done and not what is said...

What is a ‘poor’ ATTITUDE on safety?

·   Carelessness – not safety conscience.
·   Lack of awareness – safety is not that ‘big a deal’.
·   Safety is someone else's problem.
·   Over-confidence - “It won’t happen to me.”
·   Voluntary risk assuming – ‘macho’ type behavior.
·   Accidents ‘happen’ – they can’t be stopped so why try?

Positive Thinking
Safety is not an accident, it doesn’t just happen. You will not be safe because of this Tips, A video, A book or A Class

True Safety starts with… The Right Attitude and the Right Philosophy!

If you see a piece of scrap on the floor, or in the normal pathway, take the time to pick it up. It could cause an injury to someone else. This may sound too simple to work, but it really does. Safe Attitudes are contagious.
Safety culture: What is it?
A set of values, beliefs and assumptions, shared to varying degrees, that guide patterns of behavior that contribute to the individual and collective commitment to safety management.

A safety culture is….
   A culture where persons have a constant and active awareness of the potential for things to go wrong.

A culture that is open and fair and one that encourages people to speak up about mistakes. Safety Culture comes from Safety Attitudes

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