Fire Hazard in summer seassion

The temperature is very high in summer season and this condition will favor the Fire Hazards. This hazard is more during day time, especially in the noon hours.

The severity is more in Chemical and petrochemical industries due to the huge quantity of flammable solvents storage and handling operations. Following are prime reasons for Fire hazards in summer.

1.      Due to the high temperature in summer, solvent will evaporate vigorously and form explosive atmosphere around the flammables storage area.
2.      Due to hot condition of atmosphere in the summer, generation of sparks is also very higher than other seasons.
3.      You are all well aware the static electricity hazard, human body is a major ignition source.
4.      Due to the hot condition in summer, even all combustible materials also get dried and capable to ignite rapidly.

Hence, request all to take extreme care in storage and handling of Flammable solvents. The following are the few precautions to prevent fire hazards at workplaces.

1.      Cool storage tanks with water once a day using drip system/ sprinklers/ by spraying.
(If possible provide gunny bag lining on tanks to keep wetness for a long while).
2.      Provide insulation to Low boiling solvent storage tanks.
3.      Minimize/ avoid storage of solvents in Drums.
4.      Minimize the manual handling of flammable solvents.
5.      Don’t keep solvent drums or containers under direct sun light.
6.      Do not accumulate combustibles at work place and in the premises.
7.      Remove dry grass in the premises and around the compound wall.
8.      Keep clear access to Emergency exits & Emergency equipments.
9.      Ensure no leakages from pump seals and from others sources.
10.  Keep close the manholes of storage tanks, receiving tanks and other containers.
11.  Provide Flame arrestors to all the vents of Storage tanks.
12.  Take all precautions to prevent ignition generation due to Electrostatic hazards.

 Be Alert 

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