Cause of Accidents

Unsafe Action: failure to do some thing which a person should have done or to do something indifferently from it or to
 do some thing which through not to do (deliberately or unknowingly)                
       88% accidents due to unsafe acts
Unsafe condition: A physical situation that can leads to incidents                                                                      
       10% accidents due to unsafe conditions

Remaining 2% - natural calamities(Earth Quake, Cyclones, floods etc.,)
Accident Sequence

Basic Of Fire and Fire Classification

What is FireFire is a rapid chemical oxidation reaction, in which combination of three elements 
Fire Triangle

  1. Fuel:  Combustible substance in the form of vapor, Liquid or Incandescent  Solid.
  2. Oxygen: Oxygen content in atmospheric Air in sufficient proportion to form a combustible                        Vapor-Air mixture.
  3.  Heat(Source of ignition):  A Source of Ignition sufficient to initiate and propagate the    Chemical Reaction of  Combustion. 

Fire is not possible if any one of these elements is not available

Depend on Fuel Fire can be categorized as four classes
Fire Classification

Principle of extinguishing method
  • Starvation      -           Elimination of fuel
  •  Smothering    -           Limiting Oxygen supply
  •  Cooling           -           Limiting rise of Temperature
  • Chain inhibition- 

Suitable FE of Suitable fire and PASS method